Quoting Checklist

Why Perth TLC Group are the best choice for your job:


We are comprehensively insured


We only employ qualified tradespeople


We are locally owned and operated


We care about our clients property


We are passionate about providing the best possible service


We aspire to give our clients the highest quality of workmanship possible



1. Get more than one quote

It’s good to get quotes – essential, in fact, this is something we encourage and understand.

Don’t be hesitant to contact us when you have our quote and discuss the price options compared to other companies.


2. Be sure you want the job done and know what you want

Have a fair idea of what you want – look at photos on the internet, neighbours or friend’s houses, go to hardware/homeware stores. We can help with options but we need a starting point.


3. Communication

And once you have settled on getting a quote it’s good to know exactly what the job is.

“It’s all about decisions,”– not knowing what you want wastes both your time and your money.


4. Be prepared that a cheaper solution may lead to poor quality

You know the expression “you get what you pay for”.

Cutting costs by using cheap materials or taking short cuts will lead to a poorer quality of the final product.

We will always keep you well informed about the best type of material or product for the job. We only want to do the job once so trust in our expertise.


5. Changes mid job will more than likely incur a price adjustment

When you get a quote, a lot of factors are taken into consideration, including the time needed and the type of materials and finishes.

Any changes to the quote will result in budget changes. Again this goes back to deciding what you want from the beginning.


6. Don’t delay the project

Delays to a project aren’t just a hassle to you the customer; they can also cost us money.

Be clear with access arrangements. Be honest and realistic about when you can be home and what time you can provide access.


It sounds easy….. taking down a wall, putting up a wall, adding a room, adding a pergola…. yes it is easy but only when you have all your approvals in place.

It can sometimes be a confusing and lengthy process from when you make the decision to renovate or extend your property to when the works are finally started.

Our checklist below will hopefully guide you through the process:

Structural Report

If there are any walls being removed or added that could be load-bearing or part of the building structure, a structural engineer will need to visit and report on the project. This report will provide all the necessary information required for us to quote on the job (i.e – how we remove the wall safely without compromising the structural integrity of the building).

Council Permits Approval

When structural works are carried out on a property, usually the council wants to know about it. In some cases, when the addition may impact on adjoining properties – a planning approval from Council may be required. This needs approval before a building permit can be presented.

The drawings from the draftsmen are then submitted as a building application, to the council along with a structural detail. This can be as certified or un-certified. The main difference is the time frame Council has to approve the Building works (10 working days for certified and 28 days for un-certified). The council may also request additional certifications or insurances at their discretion; this can result in additional fees.

Sometimes, council permits are required if the works are going to affect the street or surrounding neighbours i.e. blocking foot paths, roads etc. Permits need to be obtained before works start.

Permits for Skip Bin placement may also be something decided at Council discretion.

Contact your local council to find out exactly what permits you require.

Drawings/house plans

Additions or extensions and any other structural modifications will require drawings done up by a qualified draftsman. You may also have a copy of your existing house plans at home. These documents can then be revised and modified to suit the new works to be undertaken. They are the main guide and extremely essential for our registered builder to obtain information and be able to price the work from.

Extra Insurances

Some larger jobs require extra insurances (usually structural works $20,000+ in price) that we have to obtain to ensure the project is fully covered under Housing Indemnity insurance. These may not be known when we first quote works, as usually the council may request them.

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