Dear Peter,

I like to think that there is a minority of tradespeople out there that give the majority a bad name,
but experience leads me to believe that in actual fact the good tradespeople are in the minority and
credit to you somehow TLC has managed to employ a fair few of the great ones.

From the point of our initial email contact to through to the final clean up, the team at TLC kept us
informed and most importantly to a timely schedule. One of my pet hates is tardiness, so in the past
when I’ve employed trades it has been an extremely irritating experience to have them show up
late… if they showed at all. I am pleased to have come across such an organised team that were on
time or in the event that they were delayed, had the courtesy to inform me if they were running

Besides doing the right thing by us, they also did the right thing by our neighbours, with a couple
mentioning how quiet the works were – i.e. no loud music, inappropriate language etc.

We’ve had no hesitations in recommending TLC to our family and friends, and would be happy for
you to use this as a testimonial to future clients.